Michael Bergfalk
I am proud to announce that I am now tattooing at Cathedral Tattoo in Salt Lake City. I am very excited to be working with the great group of guys there. Please stop in or call the shop at 801-355-9191 to get something set up.

Wedding and honeymoon
I will be taking some time off from May 21st through June 1st for my wedding and honeymoon. I will not be replying to emails or messages about tattooing during that duration. If you would like to email me during that period, that would be fine just expect that I will reply after the 1st of June.

Thank you, and wish me luck!
Arizona Tattoo Expo and Guest spot at The Living Ghost Tattoo
I will be tattooing at the Arizona Tattoo Expo this April, and then at The Living Ghost Tattoo for the week following the convention. To book an appointment with me please email me at michaelbergfalk@gmail.com

I will require a non-refundable deposit via PayPal to make you an appointment.

Thank You
My lovely fiancé and my beautiful daughter and I have recently relocated to Salt Lake City for a bit. I am tattooing with Oak Adams, one of my greatest friends and one of the best Black and Grey artists around at his super nice studio in Sugarhouse. As always if you have any questions or want to hit me up you can email me at Michaelbergfalk@gmail.com
Living Ghost Tattoo
As of Thursday December 1st I will be doing a short stint at The Living Ghost Tattoo in Tempe AZ. I will focusing on finishing up larger projects on my friends and clients until my family and I pack up and head to Utah. I will be at The Ghost for only a few weeks so if you have unfinished work or you need to get something fairly small and quick I suggest you get a hold of me soon, I have limited spots available and they are filling up fast.

I will be back to AZ from time to time to visit my oldest daughter and work on a few clients, if you message me I will put you on a contact list for when I come back and I will do my best to fit as many people in as possible.

Thank you,